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McMenamin's Cosmic Beer Tour

(My Chauffeur is not affiliated with or sponsored by 'McMenamin's')

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The McMenamin brothers have over thirty brewpubs, distilleries, and wineries scattered throughout the metropolitan area, many in renovated historic theaters, schools, hotels and other old buildings.

Why My Chauffeur? Privacy & lower cost. Why pay more? See pricing. Maximum 22/23 persons. For more than 22 persons, custom rates apply (please inquire).

Pricing as low as $6.40-$8/hour per person!

You'll receive:

  1. Private, dedicated door to door town car, limousine or party bus service; typically waiting right outside or within a couple minutes of the brewery door ready and standing by to move on to the next.

  2. Concierge Service - We'll plan your route, pick your breweries (unless you prefer to do this yourselves), schedule brewery tours (if requested), answer questions and generally make sure everyone's havin' a great time.

  3. Tour Guide (Brief brewery introductions/history at each brewery.) - We try to have a guide but this service is not guaranteed unless specially requested.  If specially requested; the arrangement must be made and additional costs may apply. We do not go inside the brewery with you; you are always on your own on the inside. You are responsible for all expenses (including beer) inside the breweries.

You may choose your own brewpubs, or you may leave that up to us. If you have a preference between the notable breweries and the small off-the-beaten-path breweries, please tell us! As well, let us know ahead of time if you have an interest in a brewery facility tour or anything else customizing your package. Most of the brewpubs also have great casual dining. See below for brewpub info.

My Chauffeur encourages you to drink responsibly and order a professional designated driver! Our service is a designated driver (+) service, see above. All participants must be at least 21 years old. You may view our guide to enjoying alcohol responsibly

Choose from these Cosmic Tours, or create one of your own.

  My Chauffeur offers the Westside or the Eastside shuttle of the McMenamin's brewpubs. Or you may create one customized for your special occasion.  A self-guided tour is available at many of the establishments.Edgefield


EDGEFIELD: Built in 1911 as the county poor farm, the great property of Edgefield was for years a place where the needy came to work in exchange for room and board. Now, people needing to escape from work come to Edgefield to relax; watch a movie at the theaterpub; unwind with a message; sample the latest releases in the winery, brewery and distillery; play a round of golf on the 18-hole Pub Course; sleep in an antique-filled guestroom; stroll through the extensive flower and vegetable gardens; or dine in the Black Rabbit Restaurant, which offers Northwestern culinary entrees that satisfy the most discriminating palates. Save time to romp through Edgefield's vast world of art and enjoy a blissful moment of leisure in the Little Red Shed. 

Kennedy School

KENNEDY SCHOOL: Sleep in class and smoke in detention: Here's a chance to live out childhood fantasies.  Playing off its past, the school's original classrooms are now lodging rooms, the auditorium is a theater pub, the former little girl's bathroom is the Concordia Brewery, and the cafeteria is the Courtyard Restaurant. Jerry VaneGuests are urged to explore the hallway art that chronicles the school's past, and perhaps enjoy a reviving soak in the artfully tiled soaking pool. Then, to cap off the experience, make your way to either the Honors Bar or Detention Bar and indulge in a beverage your old principal would have frowned on.

White Eagle

THE WHITE EAGLE: This near century-old drinking spot is famous for its unlikely truths and wild innuendo about ghosts, record-breaking tequila consumption, ladies of the evening and Shanghai activity.  Immerse yourself in the Jerry Vanenotoriety and beauty of the venerable saloon's ceramic-tiled floor and massive oak-back bar. Enjoy a hearty meal and spirits inside or out among the greenery of the beer garden. Experience another ongoing tradition as live music plays nightly. When thoughts finally do come around to sleeping, visitors can choose from 11 comfortable guest rooms on the beautifully restored second story, such as the Blue Navigation Room.



Ringlers Annex

  • The pint-sized RINGLERS ANNEX is a tiny window on the world of bustling West Burnside, with an open-wide main floor and mezzanine tailor-made to observe the city in motion. Drop by to Jerry Vaneenjoy an espresso at a tucked-away upstairs table or a bistro-style lunch at our year-round heated sidewalk seating. Downstairs, you'll find the very unique Cellar. Cut off from the light and hubub, the basement bar is a subterranean cave where you can hide away from the rest of Portland. The Annex is also a great stop on the Gallery Walk for Art. Come by for a glass of wine en route to your next destination.


Jerry VaneOver 100 different whiskeys at the bar. Half-shots on rarer varieties. Whiskey flights, with three half-shots of special whiskeys. Year-round open-air heated seating. A new separating wood- and stained-glass window wall. Beneath the floating-floored Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room in downtown Portland, Ringlers Pub is housed in what was once an automotive service garage. How much more convivial it is now!

Named for the Crystal's originator — dance aficionado and entrepreneur Montrose Ringler — Ringlers features a high, wooden-beamed ceiling and massive, mosaic-tiled bar, with the familiar crack of pool cues in the background. Stop by for a pint or two from the Crystal Brewery (located just upstairs!) along with some Northwest pub fare. 




THE GRAND LODGE: The westside tour can be launched here, set on 13 acres in Forest Grove.  This historic Masonic home now houses a myriad of delights: delicious meals in a convivial pub; snooker and spirits in the Doctor's Office bar; and warming fireplaces and garden views in the glorious corner meeting rooms.  Other points to explore include the body & soul day spa, a soaking pool, the small but mighty Yardhouse pub, and the ornate compass room auditorium. Original artwork and unexpected details further add to this feast for the senses.


CORNELIUS PASS ROADHOUSE: Next stop is the Roadhouse, an enchanting oasis of mid-19th-century craftsmanship and rural life.  The elegant, historic farmhouse, and new barn-style pub, Imbrie Hall, present a range of comfortable dining settings.  The Roadhouse brewery crafts its own ales right on sight, and an extraordinary trio of renovated agrarian relics-an 1850s granary, an uncommon octagonal barn, and a cozy bar known as the White Shed-provide ideal gathering spots.


ROCK CREEK TAVERN: Field stone, warm flickering flames, turn-of-the-century back bar, brass lamps, and mellow spirits: It's an alluring combination that has welcomed folks to Rock Creek Tavern for years.  Nightly live music is another longtime draw and continues to bring the area's popular performers to the tavern's stage. 


PRICING/Service Options - click on the links below to view pricing & details*

Limousine Shuttle ('Recession Tour')

(For groups of 1-26)

  • Private, luxury limousine/party bus door to door service

  • SAVE UP TO 60% OR MORE* with the hourly rate "Recession Tour'.

  • This option is a designated driver (+) service: vehicle & driver only, partial tour guide (intro's to the breweries), tour concierge or lunch/dinner concierge is not available. You are on your own (and responsible for all expenses, including beer) inside the brewery.

  • Pricing as low as $8/hour per person!

  • This option is usually about 15-40% less than our standard full-service option below.

  • PRICING Details

  • See Monday-Thursday Special below.

* We are usually significantly less costly than our competitors, especially for large groups, check it out here.

Full-Service Tour

(For groups of 9 or more)

  • Private, luxury limousine/party bus door to door service

  • Per person charge - Usually more costly than the above option

  • Full Tour Guide/Host accompanies your group into the breweries arranging brewery tours, orchestrating menus & taking care of the beer/food tab** etc etc.

  • Planning/prep. - Arrange & coordinate your tour for the best possible experience.

  • Complimentary Portland metro pickup/drop-off.

  • Brewery Tour (Brewing Process - Learn about craft breweries & understand the whole process)

  • PRICING details

* We are usually significantly less costly than our competitors, especially for large groups, check it out here.

** Beer & Food are additional cost to our price quotes.


Monday-Thursday 'Recession Tour' special: Start between 9AM & 5PM - $55-$105/hour ALL-INCLUSIVE for 1-14/15 people, what a deal!!! (4 hours min. charge).  Pricing as low as $6.40/hour per person! Portland/Vancouver Metro only. Pricing Details.

* 5 hour minimum applies Saturday's 9AM - 4:59PM April-November.  Maximum 22/23 persons.  For more than 14/15 persons, the same discounted rates apply (please inquire). 

We also offer a happy hour service finding the best local beer deals in town! Discount vehicle hourly rates apply as well if you start at 5pm or earlier daily. Please inquire.

No one beats My Chauffeur for quality beer tours and price point.  'Compare for yourself' Pricing Comparisons from our competitors below:


* All tours are private.  Private tours allow your group the flexibility to make the tour more your tour.  Group adjustments to the tour itinerary may be possible.  Children under 18 are 50% off.  Town cars, and 5-14 passenger limousines are available. 1-2 week advance reservation recommended.  Pick-up location charges apply outside of the Portland City Limits.  A customized tour, where additional time is required, is an additional charge.

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