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Portland fire stations have a history that is only a few years shorter than the city of Portland.  Since 1853, firehouses have been integral elements of the city, providing protection to citizens but also serving as neighbors all across the city.  Prominent pioneers and businessmen alike have served in the ranks of the fire department.  Their stories and the firehouses where they lived and worked provide a colorful and unique story about Portland. Explore the city and its rich history from the unique viewpoint of the historic and current firehouses in Portland.  Allow My Chauffer to plan your perfect Historic Portland Firehouse Tour!  See the architecture and hear the stories as told by a retired Portland firefighter. 

Your private 3-4 hour tour includes...your personal tour concierge to customize/plan your perfect tour!

Sights include:

Station 1 - Headquarters fire station at SW Naito Parkway and Ash - Built in 1949 and put into service in 1950, it has served as the central, headquarters fire station it's entire life.

Old Station 2 located at 3rd and NW Glisan - This building (as well as many others on the tour) was designed not by an architect but by Battalion Chief Lee Holden.  He would go on to design & build about 30 of Portland's fire stations all across town.

Old Station 3 located at 14th and NW Glisan - This building is a similar design to Station 2 (above) but used different finishing materials on the exterior.  Today, it serves as a restaurant called Touche.

Old station 17 located at 24th and NW Johnson - This is yet another Chief Holden designed building that served from 1913 to ???  Horse-drawn ladder trucks were the order of the day when this was built in 1912.  But within 4 years it had to be remodeled to accommodate motorized equipment. It is an excellent example of its designers unobtrusive firehouses, which fit seamlessly into residential neighborhoods.

The David Campbell Memorial at Firefighter Park located at 19th and West Burnside - David Campbell was a storied fire chief who served as Chief from 1895-1896.  He lost his position due to political reasons but was reinstated two year later and served until 1911 when he died tragically and dramatically in the Union Oil Works fire.

Station 21 Located at 5 SE Madison Street (East end of the Hawthorne Bridge) - While this station is not necessarily noteworthy, it does sit almost on top of the old Union Oil Works, which was the site of David Campbell's death (above).  An adjacent building that still stands today still has charred floor beams from that fire. 

Old Station 23 located at 1927 SE 7th - Another Chief Holden designed building, this station is currently in private ownership housing a business.

Historic Belmont Firehouse located at SE 35th and Belmont - The Belmont Firehouse was originally Engine 9, established in 1904.  A fire station has actually occupied this corner since 1898. Yet another Holden designed building, it too housed horses.  In fact, damage to the woodwork from a nervous fire horse still exists within the firehouse.  The original pole from the upper floor to the apparatus floor still exists.  Houses an interior fire museum and it also houses the state of the art "fire engine experience."  This high-tech, fire engine simulator allows visitors to climb aboard a fire engine and respond to an emergency in the city of Portland but never leave the building.

Jeff Morris Memorial Fire Museum - The museum features equipment dating from Portland's 1st volunteer fire dept., "Pioneer Fire Engine company #1" organized in 1850.  After the big fire of 1873, when 22 blocks of prime commercial real estate in the Yamhill Historic District were destroyed, the shortcomings of a volunteer force became obvious.  In 1883, the city finally replaced the volunteer forces and officially found the Portland Fire Dept.

Lone Fir Cemetery - Fireman's Cemetery, located at SE 20th and Morrison - The Lone Fir Cemetery is Portland's oldest pioneer cemetery.  Once considered too far out of town to be a city cemetery, the city grew to it.  In 1862, property owner Coburn Barrell donated a 100'x100' plot to the firefighters of Portland so any Portland Firefighter could be buried there for free.

Old Station 18 located at NE 24th and Tillamook - While it looks fairly modest as a small business in a residential neighborhood, Station 18 was the first bungalow fire station to be built.  In 1913, Battalion Chief Lee Holden came upon this innovative design to appease the newly built Irvington neighborhood, who did not want a commercial looking building of a fire station in their neighborhood.

Old Station 14 located at 5600 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. - This building is not in the greatest repair but appears as many of the bungalow station did.  It was built in 1924.


Customized/substitution stops are always available. Check out our Detailed Tour Description & Options link below for ideas and for your general tour itinerary/information.  A Gourmet Picnic Lunch is available on request (lunch costs apply).  Tour start time is 9:30-10:00AM OR 2-2:30PM, or a custom time on request.  Allow My Chauffeur to plan your perfect Portland City Tour...your personal tour concierge will customize/plan your perfect tour!



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Our Party Bus - 14 passengerEnjoy Touring Limos Custom-Designed for Panoramic Viewing. Travel in style and comfort in our 14-passenger limo mini-coach. See the city through the oversized windows, stretch out with ample leg room & 6' 4" standing room and tour comfortably with air-conditioning.

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